The Stimulus Relief Package and You

Dear Friends,

Congress has just passed and we anticipate that the President will shortly sign the much heralded Coronavirus Stimulus Relief Package. It is a far reaching law that covers a lot of ground and helps a great many people and businesses. The news coverage to date has been sketchy and we all have many questions about what it covers and provides. For now, rather than reinventing the wheel, I am forwarding a very concise and informative article published today in the Boston Globe answering the questions you are likely to have or be curious about.

Here is the link:

Next week we anticipate sending a newsletter on a law that is making its way through the Massachusetts Legislature that is intending to allow us to execute estate plans and amendments to existing estate plans electronically, avoiding in person meetings.

We also plan to be focusing on the relief for small businesses and homeowners in greater detail.

As always, if you have any questions, please give us a call.